Instructions for use Choco Lite

Instructions for using the Choco Lite product

Indications and contraindications

The Choco Lite Intensive Slimming Chocolate Shake was tested at the Institute for Healthy Nutrition in Germany. The trials involved 1, 000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 55. As a result of using the tool, the following changes were observed:

  • after a week of using the product, the weight of almost all subjects decreased by about 7 kg,
  • after another week, the subjects managed to lose another 8 kg.

But this is not the only testing done. During the second, the diet of 10 women, who were divided into two groups, consisted of chocolate products. The first group consumed the effective chocolate cocktail for intense weight loss Choco Lite, and the second - the usual one. The first 5 women who consumed this wonderful product managed to reduce their weight by 5-10%, while they did not feel hungry, which contributed to their good mood.

The use of a chocolate cocktail will make your appearance more attractive, contribute to the normal functioning of the digestive system and rejuvenate the body, and improve the condition of the skin!

You need to take a course, which takes a time interval from 2 weeks to one month, every day. After the first course, you will be convinced that your figure and health have improved. Chocolate cocktail will help you get rid of extra pounds, eliminate inflammation and systemically affect all organs.

This remedy has no contraindications and side effects, but the drug is not advised to use in the following cases:

  • in case of possible allergic reactions,
  • in case of intolerance to the components of the drug,
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding,

Instructions on how to use the tool

How to take Choco Lite drink correctly

The cocktail is recommended to be consumed in the morning or afternoon, as it has an invigorating effect. Excellent health and performance will not leave you until the end of the day.

Pour a glass of boiling water over a couple of teaspoons (depending on your preference). Then you need to wait about half an hour. During this period, you can eat something, as Choco Lite is not consumed on an empty stomach.

After completing the first course, it is recommended to take a break for a month or more.

In the first month, you can lose about 14 extra pounds, but this is possible only with a balanced diet.

Tips for losing weight

In case you need to get rid of more pounds, then along with the use of the drug you need to add physical activity (for example, tabata). To do this, you will need to devote about 10-15 minutes every day

It is possible that you will be eager to take the course more than once. Even those who have a large fat layer are able to get rid of it within 2-3 courses.

To prepare a cocktail, you need to pour a glass of boiling water over a few teaspoons of the mixture and wait half an hour. The drug is recommended to be used after meals for 2 weeks - one month. After you need to take a month break.

Using this drug will help you lose more than 15 kg in a month. At the same time, you will always feel full and active.